Financial regulations 2023 

We’ve listened to club feedback and suggestions when making changes to the 2023 financial regulations. The key points are: 

  • Decreased costs for junior and youth football, in line with NRF strategy, with a small increase for senior football, that’s well below the rate of inflation
  • We’re releasing this information earlier, at the start of November instead of December to give clubs more time to plan and providing clarity of fees by:
    • Introducing a player levy at a flat rate per team to reduce the administrative burden
    • Outlining full fees in our first invoice, meaning no additional NRF fees later in the season
  •  A new fee of $60 per team for NRF knockout competitions, that reflects the cost of running them  

Download the 2023 Financial regulations here

Frequently Asked Questions 

What are the prices increasing to?

This table outlines team entry and NRF affiliation fees, which come into effect on 1 January 2023. ​​​​​​

Please note: 

  • New Zealand Football’s per player levy is indicative, and will be confirmed this December. A wash up will be completed next August
  • Prices are GST exclusive 

This table compares team entry fees between the 2022 and 2023 seasons:

What’s the thinking behind the changes? 

All aspects of these changes take into account increasing costs for our clubs, and at Federation level.

The big change of reducing junior and youth competition entry fees supports our strategy of attracting and retaining young players in our game.  

What are the changes to NRF competition fees this season? 

Overall, we have kept increases as low as possible and below inflation.  The impact will vary depending on the makeup of your club:

  • For clubs with significant junior membership, this will likely mean an overall decrease in fees 
  • For those with a balanced membership of junior to senior, the fees will be similar to 2022 or a small increase 
  • For those with a majority senior membership, fees will increase in 2023  

What are the changes to player levies?

Clusb asked us for a more common sense approach to the NRF player levy - so we've changed it to an affiliation fee per team registered, based on a fixed number of players per team. This takes into account large squad sizes, while acknowledging that only 11 players are on the field .

This is a straighforward approach that will will reduce admin for your club and for NRF. 

The flat rates are:

  • LOTTO NRFL - $272 per team, based on 17 players per squad 
  • Senior Community - $256 per team, based on 16 players per squad 
  • Youth - $170 per team, based on 17 players per squad 
  • Juniors – $5 per player

Why is NRF introducing a fee for knock out competitions?

The goal is to balance a sustainable fee for players and clubs, while covering some of the costs of delivering the knockout cups, including finals weekend events in Northland and Auckland. These weekends are about creating a special event and atmosphere for the finalists and we have received positive feedback from the 2022 season events,.

Keeping this cost low was key, and we settled on a $60 team entry. At 16 players per team registered, it works out to $3.75 per player to enter.  

Are there changes to the LOTTO NRFL charges? 

Yes – competition changes recommended in the 2021 LOTTO NRFL Competition Review will be implemented in the 2023 season. 

Competition entry fees for the LOTTO NRFL Women Premiership, LOTTO NRFL Men's and Women Championship, LOTTO NRFL Conference (North and South) and the NRF League One will increase, as outlined in the 2021 review.