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Community Courses

NZF Introduction to Goalkeeping Coaching 

The Introduction to Goalkeeping Coaching Course presents new or existing coaches with the opportunity to familiarize themselves with how to work with players in this important position. The course is designed to provide all attending with an introduction to the basics of coaching Goalkeepers, including the fundamental techniques to focus on.

Content covered:

  • Qualities of a Goalkeeper coach
  • Fundamentals techniques of Goalkeeping
  • Fun games & activities to use with Goalkeepers

Duration: 2 hours

Cost: FREE

NZF Goalkeeping Level 1 Coaching Award

This course provides a deeper understanding on the GK fundamental techniques, as well as introducing advanced additions such as “dealing with crosses” and “dealing with 1v1s”. This course aims to show how coaches can bring these key aspects alive in a variety of game realistic GK sessions.

Content covered:

  • The role of the GK and required attributes
  • How to coach advanced GK techniques
  • Organising game awareness activities
  • Planning sessions for GK development

Duration: 4-5 hours

Pre-requisite: NZF Introduction to Goalkeeping Coaching

Cost: $Free


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