Youth Coaching Pathway


NZF Youth Level 1 Coaching Award

This course is ideal for coaches who want to work with groups of youth players aged 13-19 years and provides a fantastic insight into how to coach football at this important age. Full of modern coaching sessions that emphasise developing players in a fun environment, it is a great introduction for anyone with an interest in the youth game.

Content covered:

  • The playing environment
  • Meeting youth footballers’ needs
  • Dealing with difference
  • How to progress / regress activities

Duration: 3 hours

Cost: Free

NZF Youth Level 2 Coaching Award

This course builds on knowledge learnt in the Youth Level 1, offering the chance for enthusiastic coaches to holistically develop their players and ready them for the adult game. This course will help coaches develop their footballers not only as players, but as people too. 

Module Topics are:

  • Physical Development
  • Design and Delivery
  • Developing Technique & Skills
  • Holistic Approach
  • Fit4Football 11+ Warm Up 

Duration: 5 hours

Pre-requisite: NZF Youth Level 1 Coaching Award

Cost: Free


If you would like more information about Coach Education, please contact Korouch Monsef


OFC / NZF C Licence

This course provides coaches with the framework and methodology to become a professional, ‘expert’ coach.  The focus of the course is on identifying football problems and designing realistic game situations to address those problems.  It also concentrates on “how” to coach youth or senior players by creating appropriate game environments and guiding players with tasks to effectively engage them in a learning process. The Youth C Licence runs concurrently with the Senior C Licence, allowing coaches to gain both accreditations.

Content covered:

  • Match analysis
  • The objectives and structure of football
  • The NZF Philosophy and Vision
  • The NZF Team Model
  • The Professional Coach Model
  • Plan, prepare, conduct and evaluate a game training session
  • Periodised planning
  • Football conditioning for senior players
  • Age appropriate, holistic development of youth footballers

Duration: 6 days

Cost: $1370