NRF Junior Festivals

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Albany United Festivals 2023

  • Harbour West (First Kicks only) - Sat 29th April (FREE ENTRY)
  • U9 #1: Sun 14 May
  • U10: Sun  4 June
  • U11: Sun 23 Jul
  • U12: Sun 13 Aug
  • U8: Sun 10 Sep
  • U9 #2: Sun 27th Aug

$160 entry fee

​** The Next Step Football Festival **

For 8th grade teams moving in to 9th grade next season! Saturday 23rd September, Waitemata FC, McLeod Park, from 9.30am - 3.30pm.

The Next Step football festival is all about giving our young players the opportunity to try the new 7v7 playing format in preparation for the 2024 season. 

The changes from the 8th to 9th grade playing format include:

  • Bigger fields
  • More players (7v7)
  • Goalkeepers
  • Set pieces - free kicks, corner kicks and throw in's
  • Off-sides
  • An introduction to the retreating line rule

The main focus is on the kids, coaches and supporters having a great football experience in a fun, safe and learning environment. 

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