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Please contact Morgan Maskell to register, or if you have any questions about getting involved with Futsal.
NRF Staff Contact: morgan.maskell@nrf.org.nz

Secondary School Futsal
Northern Region Football is excited to be able to offer Futsal as structured leagues by region in Auckland to represent the sports tremendous growth and popularity over the past few years in the Secondary School sports landscapeFutsal is one of the fastest growing sports in Secondary School aged participants in New Zealand. In 2016, Futsal had over 300% growth in Secondary School aged participation, and as of 2021 has risen to the 11th most participated sport for students of this age – in spite of near-zero participation in Auckland.

Futsal is a summer sport with a tournament in NZSS Summer Tournament Week. In 2022, NZ Football was forced to add more tournaments and alter the structure due to overwhelming demand. 

Futsal has become huge across New Zealand, except for the greater Auckland region primarily due to COVID-related reasons complicating the creation of competitions.

Futsal is popular as it’s small sided (5v5) ensuring more touches and it’s shorter than regular football as Futsal is played in 30-40minute games. Futsal appeals to all sorts of students from competitive footballers in their off-season/pre-season through to social groups of friends. Futsal doesn’t necessarily require a coach; the students are just able to show up and play.

Futsal is 5v5: 4 outfield players & 1 Goalkeeper
Subs can be run continuously throughout the game – during a stoppage like the ball going out of bounds
7 or 8 person teams would be suitable for more social teams to ensure everyone plays a lot. For more competitive teams (ie Wanting to attend a Futsal tournament in NZSS Summer Tournament Week) a 10-person squad with 2 goalkeepers would be suitable.

Term 1 Dates: Fri 24 Feb – Fri 24 Mar (5 Week Season)
Term 4 Dates: Fri 13 Oct – Fri 1 Dec (6-8 Week Season depending on stadium availability)
Cost: $300 per team

Girls / Junior Boys / Senior Boys​​​​​​​

4 Regional Leagues - Venues
Auckland: Auckland Netball Centre
Waitakere: Te Pai Netball Centre
Harbour: Netball North Harbour
South: Bruce Pullman Arena *Girls Only

NRF Staff Contact: morgan.maskell@nrf.org.nz

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