NRF Strategy

Our purpose - we strive to deliver these outcomes:

  • Thriving Club Communities
  • Quality Competitions
  • Equity of Access

NRF is part of New Zealand's football ecosystem, support the Football in NZ Strategic Direction (2020-2026) and work towards its collective vision:  “To enrich lives and connect people through positive experiences to build strong communities.”

Football in our region

This global sport is represented by a club in most communities, offering massive health and social benefits for everyone who participates.

Over 35,000 people choose our sport in the NRF region. Our player base in 73 community clubs represent the largest federation in New Zealand.

This strong network is supported by passionate administrators, volunteers, parents, coaches and referees.

FIFA WWC 2023 brought the world's best to our clubs and stadiums, and an unprecedented opportunity to engage our people and communities.

NRF is ready to leverage the huge interest in the tournament to build a legacy for our game with a clear strategy and strong relationships in the clubs and communities we serve.
We're set to take the FIFA Women’s World Cup 2023 opportunity