Skills and talent development

Accredited Skills Centre Progammes

The New Zealand Football Skills Centres provide an aligned, co-ordinated approach to junior footballers, aged 9-12 years, wishing to access another high quality, enjoyable football experience that enhances skill development.

The programme has three objectives:

  • Support player development for players aged 9-12
  • Provide clear practice guidelines for coaches of players aged 9-12
  • Deliver a high-quality football experience

NZF Skills Centres are designed to be available to all junior players who wish to play more football and further develop their ability. Based at a registered Whole of Football Club, NZF Skills Centres offer additional sessions within a familiar club environment with a focus on appropriate challenge, enjoyment and player development.  

NZF Talent Development Progamme (Youth)

The New Zealand Football Talent Development Programme provides an aligned, co-ordinated approach to the development of high potential youth footballers, aged 13-19 years – both boys and girls. Its main aim is to provide a challenging, structured programme for players, in an enjoyable environment that maximises player development.

The programme has three objectives:

  • Produce better players in NZ by increasing the number and quality of training sessions for players 13-19 years old
  • Provide clear training guidelines based on NZ environment for youth footballers wanting to be the best they can be
  • Create a clear aspirational pathway for youth footballers in NZ

Accreditation in Talent Development Programme and Skills Centre delivery ensures clubs cannot be relegated from competitions linked to the TDP programme – ensuring a player development focus rather than outcomes and results focus.

NRF, and WaiBOP clubs playing in the LOTTO NRFL competitions, accredited in NZF Talent Development Programme delivery for 2024 are:

Auckland City - Mixed
Auckland United – Mixed & Girls
Bay Olympic – Mixed
Birkenhead Utd – Mixed
Cambridge Utd - Mixed
East Coast Bays - Mixed
Eastern Suburbs – Mixed & Girls
Ellerslie AFC – Mixed and Girls
Fencibles AFC – Mixed and Girls
Hamilton Wanderers – Mixed
Hibiscus Coast FC – Mixed
Melville Utd – Mixed and Girls
Northern Rovers – Mixed & Girls
Northland FC – Mixed
Tauranga Moana – Mixed
West Coast Rangers - Mixed
Western Springs FC – Mixed & Girls​​​​​​​