MyComet Guidelines


MyCOMET is your online member profile. From here you can, view and change your details, register to a coaching courses or workshop on offer at Northern Football, and make payments for any items you have purchased.

Every registered member of NZ Football will already have login credentials to sign into their MyCOMET profile.

If you do not have these details or know how to know obtain your credentials please contact: New Zealand Football -  

See Comet helpdesk for more 

To register for the season (or alternatively for a course) please follow the steps below or alternatively follow the COMET Footy Video on Registering for the Season;

STEP 1 - Sign In to MyCOMET

STEP 2 - Select Register (on the left hand side)

  • If you are on mobile, select the Show Menu arrow next to “MyCOMET”, then select Register.

STEP 3 - In the Choose Seller field, type in the name of the club that you wish to register to for the season, or if you are registering for a course - type in the name of the Federation that you are associated with e.g. Northern Football.

  • Then select it from the list of available options.

STEP 4 - Select the Club if you would like to register for the season (or Northern Football if you would like to register for a course)

  • You will now see a list of all the items and associated prices that they are offering.

STEP 5 - Select Green Shopping Cart icon

STEP 6 - Once done, scroll down the bottom and select Proceed to Checkout

  • This will navigate you to the next page to view your cart summary – This will be presented with a summary of all the items that you have selected and the total price.

STEP 7 - Once satisfied with your cart summary, select the tick box to agree to the NZF Terms and Conditions

  • Select Submit Payment.

STEP 8 - Follow the on screen instructions to make payment either via credit / debit card or online EFTPOS

After successful payment you will be sent a receipt of payment. From your MyCOMET profile you will be able to view all your past payments and registrations.