NRF wet weather process

  • NRF confirms weekend draws on the NRF Facebook page at around 4pm on Fridays
  • Occasionally, changes to individual matches are made Friday night or over the weekend if conditions change or grounds are closed 
    • If this happens, we'll contact clubs directly
  • Please check your fixture on our website for changes before travelling to games, especially if it's wet
    • If games are changed to another ground, postponed, cancelled or defaulted, it will say so on the website 

Game day blanket cancellations 

We aim to publish game day blanket cancellation notifications by 8am on game days.

  • Notification of blanket cancellations on game day mornings will be posted to NRF homepage and Facebook page until the fixtures can be updated
    • If you're unsure if your game will go ahead, check there first

Notices apply to Auckland competitions only unless specified. Northland competitions have their own cancellation processes outlined below. 

If it's wet, double check fixtures before travelling for last minute changes. 

For in-house junior First Kicks or Fun Football updates, check your club's social media or with  your club coordinator.

  • Blanket cancellations mean all games in a competition are cancelled that day 
  • If you turn up to a game and the field is unsuitable for play (ie. very muddy or under water) or unsafe (ie. a hail storm, lightning) please discuss with the opposition and make a decision as to whether to play on

Frequently Asked Questions

It's sunny, why are you cancelling games? 

  • Grounds can be closed by Council or clubs in wet weather 
  • Cancellation decisions take into account underfoot conditions
    • If a field is sodden, playing a match risks taking it out of action for weeks, for the sake of a day's play. Our goal is to play as much football as possible through the whole season

What about Northland competitions? 

  • Northland has separate procedures for blanket cancellations of football in Northland to Auckland competitions 
  • Northland clubs will be contacted directly
  • If you've not heard anything, assume games are still on. If you're not sure, contact your club to clarify

The Council’s website says the ground is closed, but our game is still on according to your website – which one is correct?

  • Please disregard Council website information for NRF competitions
  • Councils hand the grounds over to us on a Friday with any necessary restrictions and we adjust the draws accordingly

My game is still on according to the website, is this correct?

  • Check our homepage, Facebook and Twitter to make sure there are no blanket cancellations
  • We post notifcations there first as it takes some time to update all fixtures 
    • If there's nothing to this effect posted, and we’ve announced there are no further changes, then yes, your game is still on

Our game is on turf, why has it been cancelled?
There are a number of reasons why a game on turf may be cancelled, including:

  • Other games in the grade can’t be moved from grass to turf so the entire grade has been cancelled or postponed, to ensure interruptions across the season are shared around teams or grades
  • It could have been cancelled so a higher ranked competition or a team travelling from outside of Auckland can use the pitch

Your announcement says all games in my grade are cancelled, does that mean all games?

  • Yes, if the announcement says, for example, all U9 -U12 grade football is cancelled, then all games in those grades are cancelled

Junior leagues – my game is cancelled, does that mean it won’t be played at all?

  • This means the game will not go ahead as scheduled. Where possible, it will be played at the end of the current round

Senior & youth leagues – my game is postponed, when will it be played?

  • This means the game will not go ahead as scheduled. We will reschedule it for another date later in the season. It's preferable if teams can agree to replay fixtures mid-week.