Xero Together Stronger - Club Support Programme

New Zealand Football in collaboration with the six member Federations have designed the Club Support Programme to help achieve the purpose for football in NZ - to enrich lives and connect people through positive experiences to build strong communities.

The Xero Together Stronger - Club Support Programme provides an opportunity for clubs, regardless of their size or location to:

  • increase their governance and operating capability.
  • improve their financial and planning processes.
  • provide safe environments for all members including children and vulnerable adults.
  • understand and connect with their communities with a specific focus on girls and women and diverse communities.
  • and to provide quality football and futsal experiences to their members including players, coaches, referees and volunteers.

If your club is interested in taking part in the programme, then click below to express your interest and we will be in touch.


As part of the partnership with Xero, NZ Football held four webinars hosted by L+D Excellence. These webinars covered the benefits of using Xero for your club and Xero tips and tricks for NZ Football clubs.

The benefits of using XERO for your club

Learn about the time-saving features Xero has to offer. We go through the key benefits, specific to the accounting needs of NZ football clubs. We also go through a demo of the core parts of Xero, show you how user friendly and smart Xero really is and finally, we’ll cover the “Xero Together Stronger - Club Support Programme” and let you know how we can help you to move to Xero and access training.

XERO tips and tricks for New Zealand Football clubs​​​​​​​

Are you currently using Xero for club but are you using it effectively? We take you through some cool tips and tricks in Xero to help save you time and stress. We also cover how you can access further Xero training to maximise your Xero subscription.