What is MILO Fantails?

MILO Fantails is all about attracting new girl players between 4–12 years old to the beautiful game. Sessions are focused on helping girls make friends, have fun, improve their skills and get active through football or futsal.

If you know a young girl wanting to give football or futsal a go in a fun and safe environment, sign up for MILO Fantails today!

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Boost Confidence​​​​​​​

MILO Fantails sessions are a safe environment where girls are able to be themselves, try new things, and boost their confidence.

Fun and Enjoyment

Learning about football and futsal through fun and engaging activities is at the heart of every MILO Fantails session.

Develop Life Skills

MILO Fantails aims to help young people develop life skills such as respecting others, having a positive attitude, and overcoming challenges.


MILO Fantails is a great place for young girls to make new friends and we want to help foster and grow these new relationships.

Female Role Models

Having female role models to look up to and aspire to will support young girls reaching their potential in sport and life.

Improve Skills & Movement

The programme gives opportunities for girls to move and play - exploring the 11+ Kids fundamental movements.​​​

TERM 2 (2024)


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