Coaches Catch-Up - Art Twigg (Youth Futsal Championships)


As the Youth Futsal Championships planning from East Coast Bays and Auckland City starts to ramp up. We sit down with East Coast Bays player Art Twigg to learn a little more about what a player could expect by being involved in a Youth Futsal Championship team. 


Art has recently just returned from China where he made his debut for the Futsal Whites (New Zealand's National Men's Futsal Team), coming home with two victories!


As a player what can you expect from taking part in a Youth Futsal Championships with East Coast Bays?

As a youth player, I would look forward to the good vibes and the good fun, but also the development of the game. I know, as a player that's come up through the system. I understand the fun of it, and just the camaraderie that comes with the sport. So yeah, I'm looking forward to that and helping develop the future of the sport.


Are there any standout moments or memorable matches that you can remember that you'd like to share?

Personally, would be winning the competition with my U19 age group.  It was a was a good competition, some good fun with good boys. We actually came second the year before, so we had a year's build-up and working towards that was a good memory thinking back.


Art added from East Coast Bays Website

"I'm most excited to coach futsal with ECB as it's an opportunity to share my extensive knowledge and experience gained from a decade competing at NZ's highest level. I am eager to contribute to the development of our players and teams success"


East Coast Bays will be running a September Holiday Futsal Skills Programme - You can find out more here

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Youth Futsal Championships

The Youth Futsal Championships will take place in Wellington from 14-17 December 2023, it is an excellent opportunity for young players to experience a national competition. There will be twelve teams travelling, with six mixed and six girls teams from the under 15, under 17 and under 19 age groups.

This opportunity is open to all young futsal players, no existing association with Auckland City or East Coast Bays is required - to get involved, get in touch with our partner clubs directly:  


 East Coast Bays - register your interest 


 Auckland City FC - register your interest 




Article added: Wednesday 20 September 2023


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